Download the main CHAIN CRFs and applicable sub-study CRFs for the Kilifi site

Kilifi Main CRFs


Young Infants

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CHAIN community enrollment CRF v1.61_mbagathi.pdf CHAIN Daily Record 1.61_kilifi.pdf CHAIN Daily Record 1.61.pdf
CHAIN Daily Record 1.60_6th Feb 2017_mbagathi.pdf CHAIN Day 180 Immunology  Follow-up v2.0_Kilifi.pdf CHAIN Day 180 young infants Follow-up v2.0.pdf
CHAIN Day 180 Follow-up v1.62_mbagathi.pdf CHAIN Day 45 Immunology Follow-up v2.0_kilifi.pdf CHAIN Day 45 young infants Follow-up v2.0.pdf
CHAIN Day 45 Follow-up v1.62_mbagathi.pdf CHAIN Day 90 Immunology Follow-up v2.0.pdf CHAIN Day 90 young infants Follow-up v2.0.pdf
CHAIN Day 90 Follow-up v1.62_mbagathi.pdf CHAIN Immunology discharge CRF v2.0_kilifi.pdf CHAIN Discharge Young Infants CRF V2.0.pdf
CHAIN DISCHARGE CRF V1.61_mbagathi.pdf CHAIN Immunology Outpatient SAM day 90_KILIFI.pdf CHAIN Enrollment-CRF_ infants under 2m v2.2.pdf
CHAIN Enrollment-CRF_  v1.64_mbagathi.pdf CHAIN IMMUNOLOGY READMISSION CRF V2.0 April 19_KILIFI.pdf CHAIN study conclusion v2.0 young infants.pdf
CHAIN HOUSEHOLD ASSESSMENT v1.61_mbagathi.pdf CHAIN study conclusion v2.0 _kilifi.pdf Confirmatory HIV test CRF v1.60.pdf
CHAIN Radiology results V1.59 CRF_mbagathi.pdf   Kiswahili PHQ 9.pdf
CHAIN READMISSION CRF V1.61_mbagathi.pdf   PHQ questions plus extra 10th question
CHAIN Referral CRF V1.59_mbagathi.pdf    
CHAIN study conclusion v1.61_mbagathi.pdf    
CHAIN unscheduled visit V1.59_mbagathi.pdf    
CHAIN_Household_Survey_CRF v1.60 23rd feb 2017_mbagathi.pdf    
CHAIN_Inpatient Verbal Autopsy CRF v1.59_mbagathi.pdf    
CHAIN_Outpatient Verbal Autopsy CRF v1.59_mbagathi.pdf    
Confirmatory HIV test CRF v1.59_mbagathi.pdf