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Confirmatory HIV test CRF v1.59 mbagathi PHQ - Questions plus extra 10th question(1)
CHAIN Outpatient Verbal Autopsy CRF v1.59 mbagathi Kiswahili PHQ 9
CHAIN Inpatient Verbal Autopsy CRF v1.59 mbagathi  Confirmatory HIV test CRF v1.60 mbagathi
CHAIN Household Survey CRF v1.60 23rd feb 2017 mbagathi  CHAIN BMC CRF HospitalParticipant v2.62(3)
CHAIN unscheduled visit V1.59 mbagathi  CHAIN BMC CRF CommunityParticipant v2.62
CHAIN study conclusion v1.61 mbagathi  7.CHAIN study conclusion v2.0 BMC mbagathi(1)
CHAIN Referral CRF V1.59 mbagathi  6.CHAIN Day 180 BMCFollow-up v2.0 mbagathi
CHAIN READMISSION CRF V1.61 mbagathi  5.CHAIN Day 90 BMCFollow-up v2.0 mbagathi
CHAIN Radiology results V1.59 CRF mbagathi  4.CHAIN Day 45 BMC infants Follow-up v2.0 Mbagathi
CHAIN HOUSEHOLD ASSESSMENT v1.61 mbagathi  3.CHAIN BMC Young infants discharge CRF v2.1 mbagathi
CHAIN Enrollment-CRF v1.64 mbagathi  2.CHAIN Daily Record 1.61 mbagathi
CHAIN DISCHARGE CRF V1.61 mbagathi  1b CHAIN Community Enrollment-CRF infants bmc MBAGATHI(1)
CHAIN Day 90 Follow-up v1.62 mbagathi  1a CHAIN Enrollment-CRF infants under 2m v2.2 MBAGATHa
CHAIN Day 45 Follow-up v1.62 mbagathi  
CHAIN Day 180 Follow-up v1.62 mbagathi  
CHAIN Daily Record 1.60 6th Feb 2017 mbagathi  
CHAIN community enrollment CRF v1.61 mbagathi  
Confirmatory HIV test CRF v1.59 migori