Welcome to the CHAIN Data Management SOPs which can be downloaded via the links below. For more information or to contact one of the study team please contact chainsupport@kemri-wellcome.org


Data Management SOPs  
  CHAIN GPS Machine SOP 1.02 14Sep2016
  CHAIN GPS Machine SOP 1.01 28Apr16
  CHAIN GPS Machine SOP 1.01 14Sep2016
  CHAIN GPS machiene SOP 1.01 28Apr16
  CHAIN Data Management Plan SOP v2.0
  CHAIN Data Query SOP v07SEP2016
  CHAIN Data Query Resolution SOP v2.0
  CHAIN Data Entry SOP v28SEP2016
  CHAIN Data Entry SOP v07SEP2016
  CHAIN Data Entry SOP
  TotoBora 32. Study Document Versioning 12June2017
  CHAIN Version Control SOP
  CHAIN SOP Management
  FileManagementPresentation 2017 01 24
  CHAIN Electronic Filing System SOP
  DATA SHARING Template 2017 02 13 (DRAFT)
  Change Management SOP